Mini Jam 81: Kyodai Man

A turn-based battle system where you must defeat all the kaiju within a limit amount of lives.

You can play the game right here:




Kyodai man was the submission for the 81st Mini Jam. The jam was 3 days long and had a theme and limitation: Kaiju and Death isn’t the end. Together with my to-go friend team, we brainstormed and decided to go for a turn-based game. Out of the 79 submissions, this game got 12th with a score of 3.368 out of 5.

The game consists of 3 phases. In the first phase, the player has to fight the different kaiju, each one gets stronger. The player can attack, use special or heal.  Every defeated enemy gives the player points. When the player dies, the second phase starts. In the second phase, the player has to do a rock-paper-scissors-styled minigame, guessing where the kaiju will land. In the final phase, the player can upgrade their attack, defense, and heal with the points they gained. Then it’s back to the first phase. The player has a limit of retries before it’s game over.

My Contribution

During this game jam, I was the lead programmer and part artist. I coded the battle system and the upgrade system as well as designed some kaiju. During this jam, I learned more about C# and Unity, getting to practice SOLID coding and also learning about creating game systems.


Battle System

The battle system is designed like a traditional RPG system. The player gets 3 different options to choose from. Attack for a normal attack, Special for a special attack and Heal to heal the player.

Each kaiju has stats that increase with every defeated enemy, increasing the difficulty of the game. These stats include health, attack, defense, special attack, and special defense. Some kaiju are weaker against special attacks than normal attacks, so the player would have to see the optimal move.

The enemy can attack and use a special attack. The enemy attack pattern is hard-coded; It will always attack and, after a specific number of attacks, will use a special attack.

Upgrade System

After the military phase, the player gets to use their points to upgrade their stats so that it becomes stronger for the next battle and increase the duration of the next run.

Bars were added to visualize the stats so that the player can see how much is upgraded, while not telling the exact value of it. Each upgrade costs the player 1000 points so they would have to choose wisely which stat they would like to upgrade.

When upgrading, the player plays a little animation for visual feedback.