Het Verborgen Oog

Het Verborgen Oog A rail movement game where the player must guide the dolphin to collect crates and go through rings. You can play the game at Het Ontdekfabriek in Eindhoven. https://deontdekfabriek.nl/ For more information, you can also visit the fontys made page: https://fontysmade.nl/de-ontdek-fabriek-het-verborgen-oog/ Introduction Demo Summary Het verborgen oog is an industry project I […]

Astrofire Arena

Astrofire Arena A local multiplayer party game where you customize your spaceships and fight against each other. You can download the game right here: https://afterdarkgames.itch.io/astrofire-arena Introduction Demo Summary Astrofire Arena was my 1st Semester 7 project for Fontys ICT; Game Design and Technology. I worked together with a group on this game for 8 weeks. […]

BeamItUp: Speeldrop

Speeldorp A digital playground where kids in preschool can socialize with each other and communicate with each other by playing small sandbox games.  You can download the game right here: https://breaddysticks.itch.io/speeldorp For more information, you can also check the Fontys made page: https://fontysmade.nl/speeldorp/ Introduction Demo Summary BeamItUp is a company that focuses on using new […]

Cavern Depths

Cavern Depths A puzzle game with the camera system of Captain Toad where you use Zelda-like items to find the treasure You can download the game right here: https://fontys-gdt.itch.io/cavern-depths Introduction Demo Summary Cavern Depths was made for my Semester 4 Duo Project.  The Duo Project’s genre was limited to 4 genres, one of them being […]